Your Turn to Unwind



Unwind with it while reading a good book.  Use it to help calm your spirit.  Read your bible and spend time talking to God while it plays.  Enjoy an easy conversation with a good friend during it.  Calm your kids with it as they fall asleep. What is it?  It is Quietime™ Music. It is a beautifully packaged instrumental piano music series created for those moments in your life that refresh, rekindle, restore, reflect and relax.

Eric Nordhoff

Eric Nordhoff

Who is behind this wonderful series? Eric Nordhoff.  Just like you and me, Eric has many roles – he’s a husband, father, composer, producer, arranger, entrepreneur, follower of Christ, coach and a friend.   He’s a typical man sharing this amazing journey God gives us called life.  In the midst of his life, he began creating music that ministered to his spirit.“I find that there are very few things that are as therapeutic to me as playing piano, alone in my quiet time with the Lord.”, Eric says, “For me, it is a form of prayer and creative expression that leads me closer to my Creator.” Eric began playing piano and composing instrumental songs at the age of 12.  He took formal lessons for only 2 years.  Despite his lack of extensive training, he continued composing and writing instrumental music – particularly after receiving his first Yamaha keyboard at the age of 15.

Eric was largely influenced as a child listening to classical music, singing traditional German Christmas folk songs with his family and listening to all the varieties of pop, classical and instrumental music that seemed to always be playing in his home.

He equates much of his influence of his instrumental music to the many hours spent enjoying the compositions of Yanni, Jim Brickman, Johan Sebastian Bach and Kenny G.

Eric studied broadcast journalism and business at Ithaca College in New York State, but he could be found most often in the basement of the music school playing one of the many baby grand and upright pianos, composing songs with his best friend or simply playing away the stress of college life.

Eric continued composing privately while pursuing a career as International Director at two major Christian music companies (Provident-Integrity & Word Entertainment).   Eric experienced much success in this field.   Eric sits on the Gospel Music Association Board of Directors as International Representative.

It was during his early years in Nashville, that Eric met and married his wife, Krissy, a very talented Christian music singer/songwriter.  Together, they formed an immediate bond of music and faith.

In 2003, Eric was asked to produce a peaceful instrumental piano album for a friend of his who was a music business entrepreneur with a desire to release a new series of music to the marketplace.  The project was called “Quietude”.  That album became the best-seller in the musical series.

In 2004, Eric and Krissy decided it was time for Eric to pursue his entrepreneurial interests.  He left the comfort of his career at Word Entertainment to start an international licensing company.  Today, Go Global Entertainment, LLC works with more than 40 artists and labels and distributes their products into more than 75 countries.

It was at this time that Eric began creating his own instrumental series.  Inspired by his experience with ‘Quietude’, he trademarked the new series: Quietime™.  It is a series of beautifully-packaged, peaceful instrumental piano music.  There are five CDs in the series: Devotion, Christmas, Hymns, Prayer and Worship.  A new CD is produced each year.   The series is currently available in retail stores and online for download across the country and around the world.

“My greatest hope is that Quietime™ will calm the listeners’ spirit.  I would be encouraged to hear listeners use the music as a way to make room for God in their everyday lives”, says Eric.

Today, Krissy and Eric have an active and diverse life. They have three children. They attend a small church in Franklin, TN where they regularly serve in leading worship and children’s ministry.