Your Turn to Unwind

Frequently Asked Questions



I would like to purchase a case of your CDs to give as gifts or to distribute to my church group or make available at my business. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! Please contact us for bulk orders. The pricing per title is:

  • 30 units – $5.00 ea

  • 120 units – $4.75 ea

  • 240 units – $4.50 ea

  • 500 units – $4.10 ea

  • 1000 units – $2.95 ea

+ Shipping is not included and varies by method and weight.


is my information safe when I purchase a CD from this website?

Absolutely! We use Stripe for our online payment processing, which exceeds the most stringent industry standards for security. Click here to learn more about the technical details of Stripe's secure infrastructure.

We also value your privacy and would never distribute your information to anyone else.


What is your return policy?

All sales are final. But if when you receive your CD it is damaged out of the box, you can contact us.


How do I buy and download your music in digital format?

After finding the album(s) you would like to purchase, simply click on the link for the preferred platform you use and follow the links to make the purchase on the platform of your choice to begin downloading or streaming to your computer or smartphone.


I'm having problems finding, downloading, opening or playing your FREE DOWNLOAD.

When you sign up to receive our free download offer, you will be added to our email list.  You will receive an email (check your spam/junk mail) with a link to download the music.  The music will be downloaded in the form of a .zip file.  Double click on the file.  It should open into a folder.  Double click on the folder.  Inside the folder are .mp3 files that will play in your iTunes account or just simply on your computer.  Once your files are in your iTunes account, you can create a playlist of those songs and organize them as you wish.

If you have are still having problems or need further assistance, please CONTACT US.