Proven Studies On The Benefits of Relaxation Music

Proven Studies On The Benefits of Relaxation Music

Here are some excerpts from various studies about instrumental piano music and its effect on our lives:

  1. According to Forbes FYI, 4/98, adults who listen regularly to "mood music" reported feeling less fatigue and depression after just six weeks of regular listening. And their levels of cortical, a stress hormone in the blood, dropped significantly. Further, this effect lasted for seven weeks after the listening study ended.
  2. According to a report published by The Atlanta Constitution, 5/8/97, in the Journal of Environment and Behavior, loud noise as well as loud music can slow down learning and raise stress levels. Loud noise can even delay the development of speaking skills in children. Such loud noise causes anger, aggression, poor performance and insomnia.
  3. According to some studies, gentle, slow, relaxing, soothing soft piano music has a stunningly positive impact on learning, creativity, and memory.
  4. According to The Atlanta Constitution, 8/31/99, at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, doctors use soothing piano music in the neonatal unit to calm premature babies. This allows all their energy to be used for growing and not be wasted on fretting and crying. The records there show that babies who have listened to soothing soft piano music are often discharged days earlier than others who have not had the benefit of music.

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